FuckJerry Stole That Viral Swooping Magpie Vid But Called It A ‘Hawk’ & Come The Fuck On, Man

Magpie Hawk FuckJerry

FuckJerry, the meme-posting empire built on pinching other people’s jokes, appears to have cooked an attempt at stolen comedy by mistakenly calling a magpie a ‘hawk’.

Obviously, if they had even one Australian in the room they would know not to make such an egregious error, but I guess the sacred knowledge of deadly fkn birds only comes from those who experience them on a seasonal basis.

In case you missed it, Lake Illawarra man Wayne Sherwood went viral earlier this week when he posted an Instagram video of his son, Max, zooming down the streets with an absolute menace of a bird behind him.

In the original video, which has since been reshared and viewed millions of times, young Max can be seen riding a scooter down the footpath while a magpie dive-bombs the hell out of his helmet.

The kid can be heard screaming for dear life while his dad filmed the entire ordeal for our entertainment.

FuckJerry’s Instagram account posted a version of the video on Thursday morning. Instead of simply reposting Sherwood’s Instagram video, FuckJerry appeared to take it from Sherwood’s Twitter account – which labelled the magpie a ‘hawk’.

It goes without saying that the comments blew up almost instantly with Aussies coming through to clarify that the bird is clearly a magpie.

Brown Cardigan, who shared the viral video of the young boy being absolutely swooped by a feral magpie, claimed that this was yet another attempt at theft from FuckJerry.

“This is the lengths that @fuckjerry will go to, to steal a BC post,” they wrote.

“He made a fake twitter account with my man Wayne’s namesake and fucked the whole shit up by calling it a “hawk”? Legitimately the biggest kook.”

The Twitter account for @waynesherwood_ is now locked, but seems to have joined the social media app in February 2020. Many suspect that this is just a burner account for FuckJerry to do what FuckJerry does best.


There have been calls to cancel Fuck Jerry and its founder Elliot Tebele completely, with the hashtag #FuckFuckJerry trending last year.

Many a think piece has since been written as to why we should put a stop to the joke-stealing fuckery of Elliot Tebele, but alas, here he still is, calling magpies hawks.

Hopefully, he can swoop down on some original content in the future.