Oop, There’s More: Farmer Wants A Wife Winner Tara Has Slammed Producers In Spicy Insta Rants

The Farmer Wants A Wife finale just aired on Wednesday, but the drama surrounding this show is far from over.

Tara, who won Farmer Matt‘s heart in the finale, has hit out at Channel 7 producers for the edit she received in the show in a spicy Instagram rant, after she posted Instagram stories calling out the show’s editing.

To give you context, Tara’s had a lot of emotional moments on the show regarding her conflicts about the other women she was competing against. Viewers on Instagram have been having a go at her online, calling her distress ‘acting’ and ‘crocodile tears.’

In an Instagram story highlight posted on Tuesday, Tara claimed production “yelled” at her for “not complying with another of their outrageous requests.”

Image: Instagram @TaraHurl

“Thought I’d clear a few things up, I was forced to have that conversation with Ash. Her and I are not close nor spoke during the time filming,” she said in response to people calling her a ‘snake’.

“I was then forced to speak with Jess and producers then told me, in front of Jess, to tell her what Ash had told me just prior. I said no, and then Jess continued to ask, so I of course told her.

“The crocodile tears you saw, were because I’d just been yelled at by production for not complying with another of their outrageous requests and had spent the last two hours in the bathroom so I couldn’t be forced into a situation I did not want to be in,” she said.


And if you thought things couldn’t get spicier, she also claimed Farmer Wants A Wife put her in a hotel that was “rampant with mice and cockroaches.” YIKES.

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Image: Instagram @TaraHurl

Tara then doubled-down on calling out Channel 7 and Farmer Wants A Wife for her edit.

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“Obviously I am incredibly disappointed in the way Fremantle Media, Channel 7 and the entirety of Farmer Wants A Wife was produced and edited and regardless of those who say ‘you should know what you’re in for’ you never expect any person or company to do you so wrong like that,” she wrote in the lengthy Instagram post.

“I had a rough time from the day I set foot on the farm, from being singled out consistently by producers and also being put in situations I did not agree with, but when speaking out I was basically told to just shut up and go along with it.”

Tara then went on to say she will continue calling out trolls, implying that in her view, Farmer Wants A Wife was not protecting contestants from hate.

“I am very well aware of all the horrendous comments out their (sic) about me and I shouldn’t need to defend myself against them. I will however publicly call anyone out who has anything nasty to say about myself or any of the other ladies (unlike FWAW have done),” she wrote.

“Your comments are unnecessary and are extremely hurtful regardless of how small minded you are.”

She’s not the only Farmer Wants A Wife star to lash out at the show, either.

Jess, another winner from the finale who was chosen by Farmer Andrew, said alleged she was bullied by producers on the show, claiming they would compliment the other girls and then say nothing to her.

“I just want to let you know there is so much that goes on behind the scenes, it is so edited it is ridiculous, but I am extremely grateful I went on,” she said in a video online.

In a statement, Freemantle (which produces FWAW) said:

“The producers of FWAW acknowledge that being a contestant on a reality television show trying to find love is challenging and can be stressful at times.

“The producers of FWAW have in place extensive policies and procedures to create a safe environment for all parties involved in production and we continue to offer support to all our contestants.”

Unfortunately, the drama on the show isn’t limited to Instagram stories.

On Wednesday, A Current Affair dropped a bombshell report about Farmer Sam Messina, who was already surrounded in controversy over claims he wasn’t a real farmer or even single.

The report said that Messina has seven domestic violence allegations against him, including allegations that he punched his ex-girlfriend, and on a seperate occasion threatened to hurt her pet rabbits.

Messina denies the allegations, and his lawyer said he has “no criminal history” and rejects the claims made against him.

“He has never previously been charged with any criminal offence. He has always strongly denied the allegations and co-operated with police in their investigation,” they said in a statement.

“Mr Messina wishes to make no further comment whilst the proceedings are before the Court.”

Channel 7 told A Current Affair they didn’t know about the allegations against him.

“We understand the allegations are being strongly defended and we would not wish to – and cannot – pre-empt the court’s decision,” a spokesman for Channel 7 said.

Welp. I don’t know about you, but this drama has suddenly made me like The Bachelor a little more. At least the contests are in a mansion rather than whatever cursed hotel Tara claimed to be in.