Ella Ding Hinted She & Her Made In Chelsea Boo May Have Already Split In A Cryptic FB Post

Ella Ding and Miles Nazaire from Made In Chelsea

Welp, it looks like Ella Ding may have split from her Made in Chelsea love interest before the show has even started airing.

The Married At First Sight alum will appear on the UK reality show as a love interest to fan fave of the show Miles Nazaire after the two hit it off online.

However, she reportedly wrote on Facebook that she hasn’t “officially joined the cast” and only “filmed a short appearance while in London”. And now she wants to come home.

“Miles is kind and wonderful, we’ve had such a special time filming and getting to know each other,” she wrote on Facebook, per The Daily Mail.

“But [I’m] ready to get home and get back into a good space.”

Hmm. I wonder what she means by that last comment. Was it a negative space on set? Did she not have a good time on the show? Only time will tell.

Miles Nazaire and Ella Ding hit it off on Instagram earlier this year after he watched her season of MAFS on TV.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, they started chatting in the DMs and there was “a lot of flirting”. So when the producers of Made In Chelsea saw Ella was travelling around Europe, they invited her on the show to “explore [her and Miles’] connection on-screen”.

It was then announced on the show’s official IG page that “a new ray of sunshine was coming to Chelsea”, with a pic of Ella. If she was only on the show for a little bit and left early, that certainly raises some questions on WTF went down.

In case you aren’t across what Made In Chelsea actually is (honestly, so fair), it’s basically a very long running (22 seasons!) reality show about the lives of nauseatingly rich and privileged “socially elite 20-somethings” who live in “some of London’s most exclusive postcodes”, according to the website.

So basically, it’s about rich people doing rich people things. Honestly, maybe Ella dodged a bullet!