YES: MAFS Queen Ella Ding Has Just Been Cast In One Of The UK’s Biggest Reality TV Shows

Ella Ding poses in front of the camera in london (right)

In yet another update to the news machine that is season 9 of MAFS, fan favourite Ella Ding has just booked herself a spot on the popular UK reality show Made In Chelsea.

According to the Channel 4 website, Made in Chelsea is an “eye-opening reality series that follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London’s most exclusive postcodes.”

Translation? Rich hooligans party and bullshit on mummy and daddy’s money.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Made in Chelsea – which I know is a much-loved show here in the UK”, Ella told Daily Mail UK.

“I can assure you I won’t be marrying a stranger this time!” She continued, answering everyone’s next question.

The show has been running for a whopping 22 seasons which is legitimately a fuck tonne. Ain’t got nothing on the 37 seasons of Neighbours though…

Just as I was about to write this article, the following Made in Chelsea TikTok popped up on my FYP. I was forced to watch and now you do too.


Refreshing 💦 #MadeInChelsea #MIC

♬ original sound – E4

Hopefully Ella doesn’t cop an alcoholic beverage being thrown at her. But, I guess stranger things have happened in the latest season of MAFS (read: wine glass smashing). I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

The announcement finally answers fans’ questions about why Ella was in London. Other than the fact the weather is much nicer this time of year than in her hometown of Melbourne.

Ella Ding made a name for herself on MAFS this year as one of the more pleasant contestants.

She genuinely seems like a lovely person and truly deserves her 602k Instagram followers. She currently has highest number of followers from anyone in this year’s cast.

I’ve literally never seen an episode of Made in Chelsea but I reckon I might snag an episode to see how Ella copes with the nauseating privilege of the British upper class.

Let us know how caviar tastes! Get em, Ella!