Drag Race RuCap: Alrighty Girls I’m Gonna Say It, This Was The Funniest Episode In A Long Time

drag race down under recap episode 3

Well, well, well, if it isn’t one of those girls, gays and theys that I’ve been hearing so much about. Welcome to the third instalment of our RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under recaps!

This season is turning out to be incredible to watch and I’m just so glad to see it. In fact, this episode right here may be the best episode of Drag Race Down Under I’ve had the privilege of viewing. It has everything you’d want in an episode from gut-busting laughs to iconic looks.

Strap yourselves in folks and let’s get into this recap already!

During last week’s episode, we witnessed some killer outfits come down the runway as the queens donned their best insect-inspired attire. I was truly bugging out.

Hannah Conda was a gorgeous moth, Beverly Kills was a mosquito and Yuri Guaii looked more like a praying mantis than any praying mantis I’ve seen in my life. The girls truly gagged us.

GAGGED us I say.

This week RuPaul announced that the mini challenge would be to watch a bunch of tradies pull down their pants and the maxi challenge will be to host drag brunch. All in a day for an Aussie drag queen, really.

me confronting my sleep paralysis demon at 3:45am.

Let us take a moment of our time to reflect on the hard work that tradies put in for this country.

Their service… braver than the troops. I am but a crooked nail in a wood board just waiting to be hammered. (That’s what tradies do all day, right?)

my daddy issues are ringing like the bells of Notre Dame.

Molly Poppinz is announced as the winner of the mini-challenge, meaning yet again she gains the power to make the maxi challenge groups. I must say, her pairings were pretty perfect and not at all shady. They really could have been messier.

Miss Spankie Jackzon was paired with Yuri Guaii, Hannah with Molly, Pomara Fifth with Twink #48371945 (Beverly) and super duper Minnie Cooper was matched with Kween Kong.

Molly then decides to spill some tea to her partner about whether or not her team pairings were an act of sabotage. Except she forgot that the werk room this year is smaller than a high school demountable and everyone could fkn hear her.

me when the table behind me at the restaurant is spilling some mad tea.

A conversation between Kween Kong and Hannah Conda then takes place about cultural appropriation and racism in Australia. Ooooh babes, here we go again.

Hannah admits that she has culturally appropriated in the past and has made steps to amend her past actions, but is still aware of how they could have hurt multiple people of colour (POC).

It’s a very mature, open discussion about how white people who commit racist acts need to take action to prove they are sorry instead of just giving lip service and moving on as if nothing happened.

A very refreshing and heartfelt moment for the show. If only we had queens be so self-aware about their racism in the past. Still waiting on she-who-must-not-be-named to take action…

Hannah and Kween Kong proving how beautifully intelligent they are right here.

The queens then show Rhys Nicholson and NZ comedian Chris Parker what they’ve prepared so far and it’s all looking pretty fkn good.

Rhys however has a gay malfunction after Hannah Conda admits she wanted to be a priest before becoming a drag queen. Talk about a career shift.

*gay shock*

Finally, it’s time for the Drag Race Down Under brunch to begin.

Pomara Fifth and Bev are up first and I have to say, they killed this challenge.

The only thing that saw them ultimately wind up in the bottom was the fact they had a little stumble when trying to make a joke about Spankie and Yuri.

Yuri wasn’t in attendance due to an eye infection, so the classic roast-joke set-up of “X is here tonight” just couldn’t work and the queens stumbled. Overall though, they were fkn hilarious.

drag race down under australia
such a strong opening act IMO.

Suddenly we get a visual of Yuri rushing to get all her makeup on after the doctor gives her the OK.

The room is dark as hell, Yuri is rushing to get everything on, it’s chaos out there.

me getting ready to go out at 3am.

Molly and Hannah went up next and again, they nailed this.

It was non-stop laughs during this Drag Race Down Under brunch. Honestly might be one of the funniest episodes of Drag Race period.

Also that joke about farting into a foreskin????? Jail. Immediately.

hannah conda molly poppinz
I need to know who wrote that wicked joke. I was in TEARS.

Up next was Kween Kong and Minnie Cooper with an extremely hilarious take on white privilege. Kween’s delivery AND her look were just so spot-on, I was in awe. I also appreciated how Minnie gave so much stage time to Kween and let her shine.

Even though Minnie had like four lines in the final edit, she was still so fkn funny. A real testament to how brilliant these queens are and how well they can work with others. Love these two!!!

comedic excellence.

Last up was Spankie and Yuri and my GOD was this a hoot.

Every line was delivered so expertly and the duo bounced off each other so so well.

Yuri constantly saying “cum!” has been stuck in my head since I first saw this segment. I can’t stop rewatching it, it was bloody brilliant.

I need to see Spankie in a hosting gig immediately, she really knows how to demand attention and command a stage.

spankie jackzon
dynamic duo (unless they’re in prison together).

Now, here are some of the notable looks from this week’s Drag Race Down Under episode. The theme? Red for filth.

Pomara Fifth stunned in a red and black number representing her Aboriginal culture. It was absolutely giving Uluru realness and she truly looked incredible.

pomara fifth
nailed the brief exceptionally.

Of course, Hannah Conda has found herself back in the best-dressed section of our recaps.

There’s just something so polished about her drag aesthetic. She constantly looks CORRECT.

hannah conda
she owns 49% of this company.

Next up is Spankie in her gorgeous red poppy look representing the ANZAC soldiers who lost their lives in battle.

Not only was it an amazing statement, but Spankie looked INCRED.

spankie jackzon
her foot is firmly planted on the necks of everyone in this competition.

Last but certainly not least is Minnie Cooper in her heart-breaking red tribute to those living with HIV or who have died from AIDS-related diseases.

Sure the nips were showing but it was chic in my eyes.

minnie cooper
A legend.

Yuri and Spankie took out the win for the maxi challenge, which was so fkn deserved.

The competition was definitely tight this week considering literally everyone was hilarious, but Yuri and Spankie just had an incredible amount of to-and-fro between them.

me acting shocked when Satan tells me I’ve had way too many gin & sodas.

Back in the werk room, Beverly (who knows they’re in the bottom this week) starts to break down.

I don’t blame her to be honest, the pressure of this competition looks insane.

It was very touching to hear her open up about drag being one of her dependable skills and that in a high-pressure environment, you start to second guess what you’re good at.

Kween Kong’s words of affirmation in the situation were absolutely unreal. They were on-point, they were positive, they were kind and they were so true. This IS just a competition and Beverly is so killer at what she does. There’s no time to doubt yourself just because you stumbled on a reality TV show!

I wish I had Kween Kong there to support me every time I cried.

Pomara Fifth and Beverly Kills go head-to-head in a lipsync to Kylie Minogue and Years & Years’ song “Starstruck”.

Both queens gave it their all, but there was just something about Bev’s performance that was so fkn mesmerising. Those red braids flicking wildly as she danced around? Iconic.

Pomara reacting to Bev’s fall was so unintentionally funny.

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Miss Pomara Fifth, the fifth instalment in the Pomara series.

I feel like we still had so much to see from this incredible queen, so it’s a shame to see her go.

Can she pop up next week from a pile of trash? Pretty please, Ruple?