So There’s An Actual Karen From Finance Working On Drag Race Down Under & My Wig Is In Orbit

karen from finance drag race down under

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under has arrived and taken over our lives in one fell swoop, and we are absolutely obsessed with it. The first ep was incredible, and the second is sure to be just as entertaining (snatch game!). As we wait for more eps though, some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a hilarious easter egg about Karen from Finance.

Our favourite queen from the high-rise offices Karen from Finance made an amazing impression on the first episode of Drag Race Down Under. She won a challenge, showed off some amazing lewks, and absolutely killed her entrance (it was truly one of the best from ANY season).

Karen from Finance
Look at this iconic entrance. Ugh, we stan.

However, it turns out that there is more than one Karen from Finance on this year’s season. One fan spotted this fact after keeping her eyes on the show’s credits, in which the head of production finance is revealed to be none other than a woman named Karen Evans.

“You’re telling me that in Drag Race Down Under they have a real-life Karen from Finance?” Twitter user Bethany Simmons wrote.

You can check out the screenshot of the credits below. I cannot get over the fact that this is real.

So yep, that would mean that there is actually a Karen who works in finance on the show, which is just the most beautiful touch of coincidence.

My only question is whether or not Karen and Karen have actually met each other and have discussed the financial workings of the show. Karen (either of them), if you’re reading this, please confirm whether or not this interaction has taken place, thank you.

Just in case you missed episode one, you can catch our RuCap right here. Episode two is coming next Saturday, and promises to bring some high-octane snatch game shenanigans, which is simply huge.

Never before has snatch game occurred on episode two of a Drag Race series, and the trailer has already confirmed two (yes TWO) Bindi Irwins, which will truly be something to witness.

You can get your fix of drama, shade and tea every Saturday when RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under airs at 4pm on Stan.