Stan’s New True Story-Inspired Thriller Dr Death Is Basically Grey’s Anatomy Meets Hannibal

Christian Slater Alec Baldwin Dr. Death

Dr. Death, a new medical murder thriller about maimed surgery gone wrong, is coming to Stan and it’s about to leave you terrified of going under with doctor daddy.

During surgery, there’s always a fear amongst patients, friends, family and medical experts that something goes wrong. But, for Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson), that’s the goal. 

Dr. Death follows the terrifying real true story (!!) of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a Dallas surgeon who maimed and murdered several patients by purposefully botching their surgeries. I’m talking: draining someone’s blood like a scientific vampire, leaving one brain dead, and turning a third into a quadriplegic. 

But, not to worry. As the victims keep on coming—and my medical anxiety worsens—detective daddies Christian Slater (Heathers, Mr. Robot) and Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) begin to crack the case and deep dive into Duntsch’s medical snip-snips. And, let me be the first to say, my man Christian is looking *good* in a suit. For real, I’m about to act up and let some information slip his way free of charge. 

You can have a look at the gloriously uncomfy trailer to Dr. Death below.

Perhaps the scariest thing about this show is that it’s rooted in reality. According to Oxygen, the real Dr. Christopher Duntsch injured or killed up to 33 of his 38 patient. In 2017, he was found guilty of five different accounts of aggravated assault and one criminal charge of injuring an elderly person, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Diagnostic errors are a serious issue here in Australia. In 2020, The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) claimed that roughly 140,000 patients are wrongly diagnosed in Australia each year. Of that number, 21,000 diagnostic errors are of serious harm with between 2000 to 4000 of them resulting in death. 

If you dare, you can catch Dr. Death exclusively on Stan when it releases later this year. In the meantime, I’ll be here, second-guessing anytime I meet a surgeon and that chaotic time Channel Seven live-streamed a literal open-heart operation.