The People Behind ‘Dirty John’ Have Kicked Off A New True Crime Podcast

Good news if you found yourself utterly mortified and utterly rapt by Wonderly‘s Dirty John: Wonderly has just launched a new true crime podcast, putting up the first two episodes of Dr Death yesterday.

Dr Death, hosted by journalist Laura Beil, covers Dallas neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch. In a two-year span in which Duntsch operated on 38 people, 31 were either paralysed or left with serious injuries. Two of them didn’t survive. And yet, somehow, he kept finding work within the medical system.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Beil said that the central mystery of the podcast is how he managed to get away with it:

“One of the more disturbing takeaways is that all the patients that I interviewed thought they were doing their homework,” Beil says. “It’s not like they were referred to [Duntsch] and were just, like, OK, and made an appointment. One of the patients I interviewed even had the wherewithal to contact the state board to see if there was anything on him.”

If you’re curious to find out how a completely fucked surgeon kept getting opportunities to fuck people up, you can listen to the first episode right here.

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