Here’s Pictures Of Every Major Player From True Crime Podcast ‘Dirty John’

Chances are (well, obviously if you’re currently reading this) you’re well on the obsession train when it comes to everyone’s new true crime podcast fave, Dirty John

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The dark story centres around Debra Newell, who meets and marries John Meehan after meeting him on a dating site. We don’t want to spoil the rest for you (but also, if you’re not at least a few eps in at this point – why are you here) but basically let’s just say shit gets super fucked up, and John is in no way the charming and wholesome guy he appears to be.

If you’ve been listening you’re probably quite involved with the various players – especially the Newell family, who frequently feature in interviews. Well, we’ve rounded up pics of everyone so you can finally put faces to the names.


You’ve probably seen pics of John floating around – we even had him as the lead picture for our original story on the podcast. He is absolutely the all-American dreamboat that Debra says he is in the podcast. Honestly, look at that rig.


If you were imagining Debra as a sort of older version of Kirsten Cohen from The OC, you were not wrong. She’s every bit the Orange County mum.

They literally look like the perfect Californian couple.

But obviously, they are not.


Debra’s oldest daughter is a fucking firecracker – loads of people we’ve spoken to have her as their favourite player in the entire tale. She’s feisty, no-bullshit and has a safe full of designer handbags. Sadly, the LA Times hasn’t published any images of her, so her face remains a mystery – which is boring for us but probably great for her tbh.


Remember Debra’s nephew Shad? He’s her late sister Cindi‘s kid, and got involved in the John fiasco after reading the private investigator’s report on him.


Terra, the baby of Debra’s family and a total soft-spoken angel is literally Debra 2.0.

Also how cute is Cash, the mini Aussie shepherd!?


Attorney John Dzalio is the lawyer guy who talked about John Meehan being the scariest dude he’d ever met in 70 years, with eyes as “black as coal.”


Tonia was John’s first wife, and most of Part 3 is dedicated to their story. That’s the pair on their wedding day. Here’s Tonia now.


Cindi is Debra’s late sister, who was murdered by her husband Billy in 1984. Her murder is the reason Debra refused to carry a gun or keep guns in her house.

All the pics are from the LA Times articles on the story, and they’re worth a squiz ‘cos there’s also pictures of notable locations, like Debra and John’s Balboa Island home. Check them all out here.

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