Alec Baldwin Graciously Offers To Perform AC/DC At Trump’s Inauguration

Dirty deeds done… for quite the moral price, tbh. 
‘Saturday Night Live’ Donald Trump impersonator (and likely the #1 person on Trump‘s hit list) Alec Baldwin has made a grand offer to the President-Elect. 
Ol’ mate Trump seems to be having just absolutely the worst time finding celebrities to perform at his inauguration ceremony – according to The Wrap‘s story earlier this week, Trump is “very unhappy” that no A-listers wanna come to his party. 
So, Baldwin has offered to help out… as long as he can pick the song. 
His choice – and take this as you will – is ‘Highway to Hell‘ by AC/DC
He tweeted this early this morning:

Trump’s been having a mad difficult time with this whole ‘celebrity’ thing. He tweeted this yesterday, stating that celebrities are not the humans he wants there, due to the fact that they ‘did not help Hillary Clinton:

He claims he wants “the people” there, which we’re assuming means the Middle Americans who voted for him – it’ll be interesting to see how many will show up to the $250 per person event. Expensive black tie events is what “the real people” love, right?
Anyway, here’s the shortlist of entirely Z-lister names that are allegedly stepping up the plate:
Beau Davidson
The Reagan Years 
DJ Romin 
DJ Young Rye 
DJ Freedom
The Star-Spangled Singers 
A Place To Be Trio – Heroes Tribute, comprising of Amy Stone, Brendan Friedrich and Forrest Allen 
Source: Twitter.
Photo: SNL.