Deuxmoi Revealed Which Celebrities Tip Big Incl. A Certain A-Lister Who Once Tipped $10K

In the spirit of Christmas, gossip oracle Deuxmoi has gifted us some divine intel and revealed which celebrities are the most generous. More Santa Claus than Scrooge McDuck, if you will.

If I’m being honest, this kind of tea drives me wild because I’ve always wondered how giving folks who earn zillions of dollars are. I know if I had $100 million in the bank, I’d be dishing out cash like it was going out of fashion.

Tipping is even more important in America ‘cos front-of-house staff earn a lower base pay than back-of-house folks, so tips are crucial to cover the difference. Pay your workers an adequate, liveable wage challenge!

According to Tripadvisor, tipping 15 to 20 per cent is standard; anything less and you’re a dickhead, anything more and it’s confirmation that we’re in wildly different tax brackets.

On that note, let’s see which A-listers are the most liberal with their dough.

Apparently Alec Baldwin and Jack Nicholson both tipped $100 to folks who got them water, which is a truly stunning way to score a hundy.

Tom Holland and Zendaya cop drinks for people who queue behind them at Starbucks, and Post Malone once tipped 50 per cent on a ‘yuge tab.

The sheer generosity! Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

I know to assume is to make an ass of U and Me, but I’m going to infer that the Harry who tipped a whopping $2020 on a $472 bill was none other than Harry Styles. Perhaps this is the sign that Mr Watermelon Sugar has entered mononym territory, like Cher or Niles from The Nanny.

As one would hope, Jay Z and Beyoncé are reportedly ‘yuge tippers. And for any Sydneysiders who serve John Krasinski and Emily Blunt while they’re Down Under, you might have a delicious bit of cash coming your way.

If Jay Z and Beyoncé weren’t big tippers I’d be mad. Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

Sebastian Stan reportedly gave folks on the set of his upcoming flick A Different Man $1000 just for existing, which has tremendous “God, I’ve seen what you can do for others” energy. Jim Belushi apparently dished out triple figure tips on his regular $28 tab, and Danny DeVito and the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast were “generous and so much fun”. As they should be, I say.

Lisa Kudrow is said to be a “great tipper” and apparently Natalie Portman is a solid 20 per cent kinda gal. I thought she would’ve been a bit more generous than that but you know, what can you do?

I will definitely be trying seltzer with bitters ASAP. Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

In truly earth-shattering news, James Corden apparently tipped almost 100 per cent on a bill which set him back more than $1000. Did his PR team pen this anonymous submission? Only time will tell.

It brings me extreme pleasure to hear Fiona Apple‘s crew treated a bodyguard gorgeously, and also that Nick Jonas paid for “everyone” at Mexican restaurant Dos Caminos, which is in New York City. I don’t know if this means everyone at the table, or literally every single human being in the restaurant but alas, it’s still mighty kind of the bloke.

Is that some James Corden damage control I smell? Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

Ben Affleck and Rihanna are said to be good tippers and considering Miss Umbrella is literally a billionaire, I would expect nothing less.

One informant said when Bon Jovi dined at the restaurant they worked at, he tipped $1000 on a $1200 bill. Not bad.

And noted prefrontal cortex hater Leonardo DiCaprio apparently tipped 40 per cent at a cafe, which is admittedly very kind of him.

Good stuff all round. Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds reportedly dished out a $100 tip for a $5 coffee and in a similar vein, John Cena and Nikki Bella tipped triple digits for two ice cream sandwiches.

Justin and Hailey Bieber also apparently dropped a $100 tip at a coffee shop. I would’ve loved to have seen the look on the barista’s face when they handed over that $100 note, I tell you.

Some expensive ice cream sandwiches. Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

OK, now this one has thrown me into an absolute tailspin. Jack Harlow apparently tipped $10,000 when he was holidaying in his hometown? Was that in one go, or are we talking an accumulated sum? Either way I am impressed and jealous I wasn’t there.

Yes Jack Harlow, I do have questions. Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

One source said Lady Gaga and her boyfriend (she’s been dating a bloke called Michael Polansky for more than two years, so I’m going to say it’s him) reportedly left a $700 tip on a $42 bill. Generous doesn’t even begin to cut it.

We’ve also got another positive submission for Jay Z and Beyoncé, and general ray of sunshine Reese Witherspoon apparently tipped an informant’s mate 80 per cent. The woman seems delightful so this comes as no surprise to me.

I do not know who John Elway is but I hate him. Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

One informant spilled tipping and romance tea when they claimed Bo Burnham visited a New York City restaurant with Phoebe Bridgers and tipped 60 per cent. Is that lovely of him? Yes. Is my head scrambled wondering whether this adds further shit to the dating rumours stew? Also yes.

I’m also dying at the fact Zac Efron apparently writes cheques if he doesn’t have cash on him to tip. There’s nothing sexier than a man with a chequebook, I say.

NOT THE BO BURNHAM/PHOEBE BRIDGERS TEA. Picture credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

Waiting with bated breath for Deuxmoi to reveal which celebrities are the biggest tightasses. I know there’d be a few doozies on that list.