An anonymous PR person who works for a women’s brand has slammed “entitled” celebrities who DM her asking for freebies, then don’t give credit on their Instagram.

The unnamed person wrote in to goss Insta Deuxmoi under the pseudonym PR GIRL.

“I work in PR for a very small but trendy women’s brand and I just have to complain for a second about all the C-list actors and lower who DM us and ask for free stuff all the time,” she began.

“You wouldn’t believe the DMs I get from celebrities who feel entitled to the free stuff, rather than having any desire to actually support a small business when they can afford to.”

She went on to recount how she sent a USD$1000 box of clothes to an actress and never received so much as a thank you.

This prompted another PR person to write in to Deuxmoi, revealing that one actress “had an ENTIRE garage full of gifts that she never wore or posted, and regifted them all.”

The only clue they gave was that she “became famous for a film in the 80s. She’s still around, does a lot of red carpets recently was in a mini series for huge showrunner.” Hm…

It comes after local goss guru Celeb Spellcheck revealed the shady shit some influencers do with the freebies they’re sent.

“They always say they donate / gift [the clothes], but I honestly think they sell the majority of it on Depop,” Celeb Spellcheck revealed.

“I suppose it’s their right to do so if a brand has gifted them items, but it feels a bit icky when they sell them for just below RRP and make a profit on something they’ve been given for free?”

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