Disgruntled Singer Slams Fifth Harmony & Camila Over A Shit Backstage Encounter

It’s no secret that there was a fair bit of in-fighting in Fifth Harmony, particularly while Camila Cabello was part of the band, and according to a fellow girl band singer, 5H are a nasty bunch.

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Aubrey O’Day, a member of Danity Kane, has dragged the now defunct Fifth Harmony in an Instagram Live where she selected which band she would ‘Fuck, Marry or Kill’ out of the Pussycat Dolls, the Spice Girls and 5H.

“Kill Pussycat Dolls. Uh, Fifth Harmony — can I kill them, too?” She said.

One of her m8s can be heard saying, “I like them, Fifth Harmony.”

“You do?” O’Day responded. “You just like the one girl from it. That other girl was really snotty to us at that award show.”

She then went in on Cabello, “And that one girl that got really famous was not nice at all. The Camila girl — she wasn’t nice.”

Another pal eventually reminded her that her shade is being delivered to a fuck ton of people: “OK, you’re recording!” She reminded her muso friend.


Following the departure of Camila Cabello, she and her former band mates launched a whole lot of shade at each other and the ‘Havana’ singer has since said that she was going through a tough time, particularly towards the end of her time in the group so it’s possible that maybe Aubrey caught her and her comrades on a bad day and that’s why they weren’t super friendly?

IDK. All I know is that Camila is the reigning queen of cuteness and I will not hear otherwise.