Camila Cabello Dishes The Dirt On Why She Left Fifth Harmony

In case you missed it, Camila Cabello just dropped a seriously juicy YouTube doco that details how her parents brought her to the United States, her overwhelming success with Havana and why she decided to leave Fifth Harmony, the group that made her famous.

It’s a pretty touching little doco, and goes into great detail about how Camila’s family toughed it out as immigrants in the states.

She also spoke about how she felt stagnated while with Fifth Harmony, leading her to look towards a solo career.

When I was in the group I experienced different things and grew a lot, but then it felt like I had new things to talk about,” said Cabello.

I think for me as an artist the only way to really feel good is to make stuff that you love, but I got to this place where I couldn’t express how I was feeling because I did not understand my emotions.

I think I got to the point where you’re just kinda like something has to change.

And change things she did, Camila went on to release her globe-conquering single Havana and has been positively slaying it as of late.

Have a gander at the rest of the mini-documentary below.