Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes Apparently Under Attack As Rapper Drops Racism Accusation

Chicago rapper Cupcakke has gone on a wild rant calling out a famous pop singer who she believes to be racist and punters reckon she’s referring to one Camila Cabello.

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The rapper began her rant by pointing out that said racist singer used to be in a popular girl group.

“Your ‘fav’ that use to be in that lil pop group is racist but WBK,” she wrote, leading fans to assume that it’s the ex Fifth Harmony singer.

She went on to add that the singer she is referring to is dating “the fine gay guy.”

Camila Cabello has been dating singer Shawn Mendes for quite some time now and sadly fans have been flooding social media with rumours about his sexuality which is another clue.

She concludes her rant by alleging that she slept with the singer’s boyfriend as payback for her alleged racism, although she doesn’t clarify whether it’s the “fine gay guy” or another boyfriend.

“Yes sis …. I fucked your man … & I did it on purpose since your racist& that’s the TEA,” she wrote.

“Let’s tell the world become I grab the receipts.”

The rapper’s rant quickly went viral and punters have immediately assumed that she’s referring to Cabello who has previously apologised for penning racist tweets.

As seen in the below tweets, Cabello previously apologised after racist tweets from before she was famous circulated online.

In the alleged tweets, Cabello used the ‘n’ word as well as racist language like “hood rat” but later apologised in 2013, writing:

“I get how anybody that doesn’t know me would think those things about me, I was immature and young and joking (not an excuse) but I apologise.”