The Influencer Who Exposed Locky’s Flirty DMs Claims He Asked Her To Be A Bachie Intruder

Last week, Locky Gilbert was called out on TikTok by an influencer named Claire Lucinda who shared a vid exposing the flirty messages The Bachelor star had been sending her.

Check it out below via our fave tea-spilling podcast, So Dramatic!:

The very same gal went on to send a voice memo to the poddy which appears in the latest ep, revealing that she was dating Locky before (and during!) filming and he even asked her to join the show as an intruder but she turned it down. Big yikes.

“I’m literally so nervous of what I should and shouldn’t say, ‘cos I feel like I’m gonna get in so much trouble,” she began.

She then claimed that Locky slid into her DMs towards the end of his time on Survivor: All Stars, and they’d made plans to grab a coffee the next time he was in Melbourne.

Then, when it was announced that he was cast as the next Bachelor, she messaged him and said “Oh, well we won’t be going for that coffee then because I won’t be stepping on other  girls’ toes if you’re dating 20 odd women.”

“After a couple of months, he tried to convince me to go on as an intruder, but it’s not really my cup of tea,” she said.

“I never ever want to be disrespectful to the girls on the show or anyone he was dating, so we stopped talking when the show aired, but he was still trying to convince me to come on as an intruder but I was like… ‘it’s really not something that I want to do.’”

She added that it’s “kind of weird because he knew he’d be going onto the experiment with however many women, and he was still talking to me, he was asking for my Snapchat, he was DMing me every single day.

“There’s just something that didn’t sit quite right with me about it because I knew that I wasn’t going to go on the show and he was gonna be on this quest for love, so he starts asking me pretty often, like ‘You should come on as an intruder, I’ll talk to the producers, there’s no one on here I’ve met that I’m falling for and you and I have so much in common’.”

She told him that if The Bachelor didn’t work out for him, she’d be down for that coffee, but she doesn’t want to “compete” for a guy’s attention.

“There were a few times on Snapchat where I received a couple of messages and the first thought that popped into my head was like, you’re on this show where you’re meant to be finding your life partner, you shouldn’t be sending these messages to people who aren’t part of that project,” she said.

“And I started to distance myself from him because I didn’t want to be that girl behind-the-scenes who is responsible” for his indiscretions.

And finally, she discussed the aforementioned viral TikTok which she says she had in her drafts for a while and was “really hesitant” about posting it because she “didn’t want to get him in trouble.”

She ultimately decided to post the clip, but she didn’t expect it to go gangbusters (as if lol – it’s spicy as hell!).