G Flip Did A Photoshoot With Dog Gracie For Chrishell’s Bday & It’s So Cute I May Explode

chrishell stause birthday present g flip

Chrishell Stause celebrated her birthday this week (officially it was on July 21) and the presents she’s sharing from G Flip are so cute I may need to up my relationship standards.

The Selling Sunset star shared a present she received to her Instagram Stories a few hours ago saying, “Truly nothing is cuter than this, I can’t.”

I also can’t because the present is a huge photoshoot of Chrishell’s partner G Flip and their dog Gracie dressed up in an assortment of outfits. And it’s not some half-assed photo shoot either — it’s top-notch, quality stuff.

We’ve got Gracie and G doing karaoke, in builder outfits, ready for Halloween, glammed up in the walk-in and so much more.

“I got a whole calendar but this is the best thing ever,” Chrishell said, before the next story showed a 2024 calendar also featuring G Flip and Gracie. I hate that she has to wait another six months to use this (assuming it’s not a FY calendar).

chrishell stause g flip

Within the book Chrishell was flipping through, there was a message from G and Gracie at the beginning telling Chrishell how much she means to them.

chrishell stause

Further towards the end, there was a message from The Oppenheim Group colleague and “bestie” Emma Hernan.

chrishell stause

Is it from both of them? I don’t know! But it’s cute! I want one! And by “one”, I mean: a partner, dog, book and declaration of love for my birthday. I’ve got a bestie and she’s fab.

Please and thank you.

G Flip also shared a post for Chrishell’s birthday which excited me personally as I love seeing new pictures on the pair together. And there are some freshies in this birthday dump (to my knowledge).

I’m just really obsessed with this couple, OK? Tell me you’re not.

Check out more of the book here in Chrishell’s Instagram Stories before it expires.

Image: @crhishell.stause / @gflip