G Flip Posted A Pic Of Chrishell Giving Them A Tatt & The Selling Sunset Crew Is Bloody Frothing

g flip and chrishell stause

In case you missed it, Chrishell Stause confirmed she is in a relationship with G Flip during the Selling Sunset reunion on Netflix earlier this week. It was a long-anticipated moment for those who have been spying the comments they’ve been leaving on each other’s Instas (guilty). Needless to say, these two are easily my favourite couple of 2022. Maybe even this decade.

Today G Flip answered all of our needy prayers in what appears to be the first photo of Chrishell to their grid. The post is the Selling Sunset star tattooing “GET ME OUTTA HERE” with a lipstick kiss to their thigh with the caption reading “fuck houses do ink”.

A cheeky lil’ nod to Chrishell’s career in real estate. Adorable. Chrishell commented, “Found my new calling. Might open up a new shop” on the post and I am obsessed over these two just breathing in the same room at this point.

‘Get Me Outta Here’ is the name of G Flip’s new single which is being released next Friday, May 13. Chrishell plays a huge role in the music video which drops the same day. In fact, the set of the clip is how they met, according to Chrishell’s comments to Tan France on the Selling Sunset reunion. “G definitely made the first move,” she said.

During the Selling Sunset reunion, Chrishell’s co-stars were surprised to hear about her new relationship (except Mary Fitzgerald, who is full of secrets like Gretchen Weiners). “So recently, I’ve met someone that is in a different place in their life as well,” Chrishell told Tan. “I’ve recently been spending a lot of time with someone that’s very important to me. Their name is G Flip.”

Not gunna lie, one person who seemingly took a while to comprehend what was going on was Maya Vander. Ex-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim, though? Even though he had spent the better half of the episode in tears over his breakup with Chrishell, he really came through to back the new relationship. “They seem like a badass for one,” Jason said of G Flip. “And the smile that’s been on [Chrishell’s] face for the last couple of minutes makes me very happy.”

The Selling Sunset crew’s support is flowing on this latest pic, too.

“YAS!!!!!!!! This is hectic AF and I’m here for it!!!” Selling Sunset and empanada-frother Emma Hernan commented on the post. “Damn ok @chrishell.stause I’m next,” Tina Louise (the ex-partner of Brett Oppenheim) also wrote.