Chrishell Stause & G-Flip’s Halloween Costume Has Further Fuelled The Bisexual Within Me

When I first saw the music video to Troye Sivan‘s “One Of Your Girls” it was like the world stopped spinning. I was transfixed. A mere mortal basking in the light of Troye looking hot as fuck in drag and a shirtless Ross Lynch. It was a lot to behold. Incidentally, I went through a similar scenario today when I came across G-Flip and Chrishell Stause‘s “One Of Your Girls” inspired Halloween costume.

It’s truly next level.

You’ve got G-Flip dressed as Troye in drag in this black little velvet leotard. It’s hot. It’s giving high fem which is a stark contrast to their usual style.

They’re standing over their wife Chrishell – who is dressed in blue jeans, a short wig and what seems to be a latex chest plate making her look like Ross Lynch in the clip. Great stuff.

Just have a look below.

Pretty impressive, no?

It seems like the lovable duo had a pretty fun time dressing up for Halloween too.

“We haven’t stopped laughing since. How did we do?” G-Flip wrote in the caption.

You did WELL, king.

Between G-Flip’s post and the original video, I think it’s safe to say we’re all losing it.

Some people want to look like Troye in drag, others want to be Troye and Ross’ third. It’s a beautiful mix and I’m glad we can all get something out of it.

Just have a lil’ look at what people have had to say about the clip online.

Anyway, big thanks to G-Flip, Chrishell and Troye for their service.

I salute you.