Earthbound angel Troye Sivan has taken to Instagram to call out Seven’s new show for making some extremely gross comments about him on a recent ep.

The series is called Now and Then and it features Boomer, Millennial and Gen Z comedians discussing which era was the best.

Here’s the official premise: “This brand new series asks Australian celebrities from all generations ‘which generation of Aussies had it best?'”

One such topic on a recent episode was Troye Sivan. Several comedians were shown a photo of Troye and they had to share their thoughts on the star and they… were not kind.

Radio personality Merrick Watts remarked, “Yeah, I can’t say that I find him hot,” while actress Denise Scott called him “wussy” and someone else commented that he looked “weak.”

Troye happened to cop the episode and, of course, he did not like what he saw (who fucking would?).

He shared an Instagram Story of the scene to show folks the kind of BS he has to put up with. He captioned it with several nasty remarks that were made during the shitty segment.

Have a peek at his Instagram Story below:

In a subsequent Instagram Story, Troye Sivan took ownership of the word that had been used to mock him, writing: “Wussy boys for life.”

Troye Sivan Called Out Seven’s New Show For Airing A Scene Where Aussie Comedians Mocked Him

In a 2019 interview with The Guardian, Troye Sivan discussed his struggle in coming to terms with his “effeminate” nature and becoming comfortable with expressing himself.

“Any sort of censorship came from me not knowing what I wanted to do,” he said, reflecting on a time when he couldn’t truly be himself.

“I have to get comfortable with the fact that I am kind of effeminate sometimes – or really effeminate sometimes,” he says.

“That I want to paint my nails. Overcoming all those stupid rules that society embeds in you as a kid about gender and sexuality is a conscious task.”

Considering the obstacles he’s had to overcome in order to find himself and feel comfortable sharing that with the world, comments like the ones made on Now and Then are pretty fucking shitty and shows that we, as a country, have a long way to go. SMH.