Britney Spears (Gay Icon) Posts Pride Month Tribute To LGBTQ Fans On Her IG (Gay Destination)

Britney Spears, giver of life to the Gays™, has delivered a stirring tribute to the LGBTQ+ community for Pride Month, and it’s just as pure as you’d expect.

“To all my fans at the LGBTQ community, happy Pride Month,” she posted to Instagram (which, I think we can all assume, has a 99.999% queer following). “You guys bring so much heart, passion and articulate everything you do. Because of you, I’ve had the best nights of my life. I love you so much it hurts. Happy Pride Month.”

When Britney said that we articulate… I felt that. (We bow to the Queen of Acknowledging Articulation).

It didn’t long for viewers to note that Brit’s address to her fans “at the LGBTQ community” made it feel like we all resided in some magical, glittery AirBnB destination. In which case, the Glory chanteuse is the LGBTQ community’s town planner and I volunteer as tribute to be the secretary.

From the photoshoot of her newly-cut iso bangs to the video of her explaining how she burnt her gym down with a candle, Britney’s Instagram has undoubtably produced the goods in 2020. And for that, we stan.

Happy Pride, friends. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m trawling Skyscanner for some cute deals to the LGBTQ community.