Is Britney Spears Really Coming To Sydney To Hand Out Copies Of Her Memoir? An Investigation

Oh. My. FUCKING. God. Pop princess and cultural icon Britney Spears is reportedly flying into Australia for a meet and greet for her memoir, but are the rumours legit?

Every time there’s a rumour — even a small peep — of a celeb popping Down Under, you know that fans are quick to jump on to all the juicy details.

On Sunday, Concrete Playground dropped an article claiming that the Britney Spears is heading to Sydney following the release of her truth-bomb memoir The Woman in Me.

BRITNEY WHAT R U DOING HERE (Image source: Concrete Playground)

The publication claimed that the “Oops!… I Did It Again” singer will be in the country on Wednesday, October 25 — literally, this Wednesday — to do two things. One, to drive around Harbour City in a bus with decorations dedicated to the singer, and two, hand out copies of her memoir.

And if you’re a die-hard member of the Britney Army, the article claimed that the first 50 fans who rock up to Sydney Opera House at around 12pm will not only cop a book, but they will also meet Britney.

Just like any celeb tours, meet and greets, and all that fun stuff — the article sent Britney fans into a frenzy.

Although I kinda creamed myself at the thought of an impromptu rendezvous with one of my biggest icons, I felt that something was a tad fishy about these ‘yuge claims.

Firstly, it seems like Britney hasn’t done any in-person tours in the US yet, so why would she come to Australia first? Why is it so easy to meet her, and why is it free?

And also, why just Sydney? Not that I am complaining since I am a blessed Sydneysider, but why?

According to Daily Mail Australia, it turns out we’ve allegedly been gooped. Instead of the actual “Womanizer” singer, the publication claimed that fans will be greeted with a Britney impersonator.

Womp-fucking-womp. But then again, goss from the Daily Mail should also be taken with a grain of salt.

So maybe we won’t get a ~real~ answer. We will have to wait for Britney to confirm or deny her trip on Instagram.

On the bright side, at least fans can show their support for the singer by rocking up to the Britney Bus. The last time Britney came to Australia was in 2009 for her iconic Circus Tour.

If the Daily Mail is right, I wonder if the Britney impersonator will be Brittany S. Pierce… IYKYK.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Simon and Schuster for comment.

Image source: Getty Images / Christopher Polk