BIG BROTHER RECAP: The Last Elimination For 2020 Just Went Down & It Was Unlike Any Other

The episode starts with haunting voices of past Big Brother Housemates as a way of showing us how far we’ve come and how close we are to the end (and also how close we are to seeing and hearing those voices again).

Going into this ep, I knew we were in for a borderline infuriating one, what with there only being the soppy romance and the bullying bromance remaining, and, well, I wasn’t disappointed (or maybe I was).

I mean…

Don’t even.

We then see a bunch of messages from the axed Housemates, who, by the way, have just touched down in Sydney for the epic finale.

And according to the most recent evictees, Sarah and Kieran, *certain* returning Housemates are planning on sparking “World War 3” at the finale.

“I think some of the people who left earlier on in the series are going to try and blow it up to get their 10-seconds of fame,” Sarah told Daily Mail Australia.

Read all about that drama here. In the meantime, back to the episode.

Big Brother treats the remaining four to a champagne breakfast and honestly, haven’t they had enough boozy brunches?

I low-key miss the torturous Big Brother. All the spoiling is making them soppy and cocky and I don’t like it.

The big man appears to be determined to make both the Housemates and us cry like babies, so he talks to Chad about his late papa and allows him to get on the horn to his mama and it’s some beautiful stuff.

We stan a hot guy who ain’t afraid to cry.

Since there’s literally only four of them left, Big Brother grants eviction powers to just one Housemate and it was very satisfying.

Chad, who won the task, takes his pick and its Broken Hill boi Mat who cops the boot.

So for those of you keeping score at home, that’s the romance in full swing, heading to the top 3, and just 1 member of the bromance.

I’m liking those odds!

Matty Galea is the Entertainment Editor at Pedestrian. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.