Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber 100% Macked On After A Recent Hockey Match

Okay, let’s establish something first up: Justin Bieber loves nothing more in life than ice hockey. Try as he might, the bloke will never be able to betray the Canadian DNA that powers every cell of his corporeal self. Jesus, he was even stoked to get smashed against the barrier in a celebrity match at the start of the year – as pictured above.

All of that is to say that Selena Gomez may have made an appearance at one of Bieber’s low-key hockey meet-ups, and she may have brought a puppy, and she may have kissed him, but we can only assume he’s more concerned about whether the Pittsburgh Penguins can win back-to-back Stanley Cups.

Photos of the pair have exploded across social media and all of the relevant boutique investigative agencies / fan pages, showing the former couple looking a whole lot like a present couple.

And, yes, here’s the kiss. Enjoy.

It’s just the latest in a string of successive public appearances since Gomez split from The Weeknd, which also seems to have sparked rumours that he is back together with his ex Bella Hadid. Oh, and there’s speculation he’s also been seeing one of Bieber’s other former partners. 

Gomez’ split from The Weeknd was reportedly amicable, but if this situation gets any dicier, we expect the him and his Canuck compatriot to settle it on the ice.