WATCH: Justin Bieber Gets Rekt Against The Barrier In NHL Charity Game

O, Canada: source of beloved leader Justin Trudeau, sometimes-loved Justin Bieber, and goddamned ice hockey. 
While the first of those three was off dealing with sliiightly more pressing concerns today, Bieber took to the ice for the NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout, and look: at one point, the guy absolutely ate it.

After padding up for legend Wayne Gretzky’s team at the Los Angeles charity match, the 22-year-old pop monolith was on the very wrong end of a shove from NHL veteran / staunch unit Chris Pronger.

What does two metres of professional, grizzled athlete look like colliding with Justin fkn Bieber? This:

While Bieber shook the check off and claimed the event as “one of the highlights of my life,” this sneaky shot of the impact presents a somewhat different angle:

It’s worth mentioning that Bieber didn’t even play badly during the match, which honoured late Canadian actor Alan Thicke. Hell, the Beebs even managed to net one himself:


Source: Sportsnet / Twitter / Washington Post. 
Photo: Harry How / Getty.