Punters Baffled By Report That Claims Bella & Gigi Carry Books As Accessories

The New York Post recently published an article about sisters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, highlighting the fact that the models have been photographed on several occasions carrying books under the arms. Groundbreaking news, right?

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The article was titled, Bella and Gigi Hadid make books the hot new accessory of 2019 and the text includes low-key condescending passages like, ‘the gals know how to coordinate their outfits to their new brainy accessories.’

New. Brainy. Accessories.

It also discusses the books that the sisters are reading and implies that they specifically selected novels that would complement their outfits.

Bella has shared a photo of the cherry-red “Outsider” book cover alongside a cherry-printed vintage Louis Vuitton bag and has ditched her usual desperately trend-chasing threads for slouchy gray suits and low-key white sneaks.

Gigi has opted for a more fashion-forward spin on “serious dressing” — as befitting someone reading a book beloved by “French literature fiends” — pairing Camus’ existential classic with a deconstructed, slim-fit, chartreuse capris-pant suit and black boots. All she needs is a beret and a clove cigarette and her transformation from fashion influencer to book influencer will be complete!

You know, ‘coz there’s no way the girls would be carrying them to pass the time on flights or in between shoots, no way man, it must be for ~aesthetic~ reasons ‘coz heaven forbid models actually have a brain.

After the post was shared on Twitter, loads of fans berated the publication over the bizarre article and their shitty hot take: