You Can Rent Bella & Gigi Hadid’s Coachella Mansion For $450k A Weekend

Man, that model money must be sweet, huh? At the very least it’s sweet enough to fork out a cool $450,000 for a weekend of luxury when you’re attending Coachella festival. That’s what sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid threw down this week for Villa Zenyara, an epic luxury mansion in California.

Does that look like a resort to you? It basically is – the property sits on 40 acres, and has a golf course, HUGE pool, 11 bedrooms and bathrooms, and a massive man-made sandy beach.

Inside is chic as hell, too.

There’s also a spa, room service, a kayak, jetski and paddle boat. And of course – caretakers to clean up after you bc what is a rich holiday without being able to dump all your wet togs and find them nicely hung up in the morning.

The gals had a whale of a time at the property and of course, social media-ed the shit out of it.

Here’s Bella by the pool.

And here’s a Snapchat Gigi put up of her dog. They took their dog with them.

If you think about it, you coooould rent this baby if you got like, 11 couples and everyone was rich and also you yourself paid a cool $200k. Seems totally possible, right?

Hit up their site for even more drool-worthy pics. Shotty coming with you if you book, though.