Bella & Gigi Hadid Are The Most Annoying Of All The Euro Vacay Dicks In Yr Insta Feed RN

Gigi Hadid

This time of year is the absolute PITS if you’re pov and can’t afford to jet to Greece, right? Every bloody person is over in the Mediterranean, posting every goddamn cocktail they drink and every fucking clear blue ocean they swim in. WE GET IT. YOU’RE HAVING A GOOD TIME.

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The most annoying of all the Euro holidayers, however, are celebrities. They fucking suck, you guys. Because they’re not out here just posting shots of packed beaches, they’re posting MANSIONS. Private pools. Bloody perfect sunsets with no one else around bc they’re rich enough to vacate the plebs. The worst of the bunch? Bella & Gigi Hadid. The two sisters of the apocalypse.

The sisters are Greek island hopping right now, and it is just shit, you guys. It is rude.

I just don’t think you should be allowed to be this hot AND rich AND have a sister you’re best friends with, you know? It’s too much luck for one person.

At least this is normal me-in-Greece behaviour (always chasing those stray kitties around and trying to pat them before a Greek local tells me they’re riddled with fleas).

But then there’s shit like this. Honestly fuck off with your $5,000 a night accom. I’m so upset by this and the fact I don’t have a lush Airbnb that costs $56,533 a week. Also that I’m not Bella or Gigi Hadid in general.

Fucking rub it in, why don’t ya.

There’s another pal there with them which you might think is weird, but as someone who is besties with my sister yet also has another friend Aimee who we call “the third Mason”, it’s not.

Anyway I hope you feel sufficiently shit about your dreary Aussie winter life now, like I do. I’m sorry but I just needed more people feeling my pain with me, ok?