It Just Hit 39 Degrees In The UK & If Only There Were Some Scientifically-Proven Reason Why

It is outrageously hot in the UK at the moment. So much so that the nation has now seen its hottest day ever recorded. Not just a July record or anything like that. The hottest day ever seen in the UK since modern records began being kept. Seems fine. Fine and normal. Definitely nothing to do with the entire planet rapidly turning into a burning hell pit.

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Last Thursday the UK’s Met Office confirmed that the country, in the middle of a sweltering heat wave, had broken its previous record for hottest July day ever record with a maximum temperature of 36.9 degrees at Heathrow. Now the all-time record has been shattered thanks to a frankly ball-marinating high of 38.7 degrees recorded last Thursday at Cambridge Botanic Gardens, a little over an hour north of London.

The previous high-mark was set back in 2003 with a recorded temperature of 38.5 in Kent.

The new record had to be verified by the Met Office from readings taken at the Gardens’ rather fundamental weather station, and was only confirmed as the new hottest UK day overnight.

Dr Mark McCarthy from the Met Office National Climate Information Centre stated that the changing climate conditions are putting the UK at serious risk of a day that cracks the 40 degree mark.

Historically UK summer heatwaves would typically tend to peak in the low 30s Celsius with extreme events reaching the mid-30s. The UK climate has been warming since the mid 20th Century, and this has been accompanied by similar increase in the hottest day of the year, which for the most recent decade has been 0.8C higher when compared with the period 1961-1990. Climate change has increased the likelihood and severity of heatwave episodes across Europe, which will have also increased the risks of a 40.0 C temperature event in the UK.

Normal. Normal and good and fine. Definitely nothing to blindly panic about here.