The UK Is Suffering From A Record-Breaking Heatwave And We Mean It This Time

Europe is melting. We’re not taking the piss, and we aren’t mocking our mates in the northern hemisphere for dealing with several days  in a row above 30 degrees. The current heat wave is shattering records, and we should be freaking out about it, too.

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The Met Office, the United Kingdom’s weather service, reports that London experienced its hottest July day of all time on Thursday. The mercury at Heathrow climbed to 36.9 degrees, just shy of the UK’s all-time heat record of 38.5 degrees.

Temperatures in Cambridge, some 100km north of London, brushed 38.1 degrees – which the Met Office states is only the second time in recorded history that temperatures in the UK have vaulted over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Britain’s continental neighbours have not been spared. Accuweather reports Paris experienced an all-time high of 42.6 degrees on Thursday.

The heat is so oppressive that authorities are concerned for the remnants of the burnt-out Notre Dame cathedral, which is still delicate and waterlogged after the efforts of firefighters.

Deelen in the Netherlands copped a 41.7 degree blast, while Germany reportedly hit 42.6 degrees in Lingen. Both of those temperatures stand as all-time national records.

If that concerns you, consider this: eight of the ten highest temperatures ever recorded in the UK occurred after 1990. Fun times ahead.