GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: UK Grinds To A Halt Amid ‘Brutal’ 30ºC Heatwave

Look, real talk here: There’s nothing we Australians love more than scoffing at the other countries when they whinge about summer heat.

Particularly when it’s the UK doing it.
And particularly when that “heat” they’re sooking about is a couple of 27 degree days in a row.
London and the rest of the UK is currently dealing with what local officials are calling a “heatwave,” the likes of which officials out here would call “a below-average week in early November.”
Temperatures have finally reached summer proportions in the Commonwealth motherland, with the mercury topping out at a stomach churning THIRTY FOUR DEGREES in certain parts of the country.
The Met Office in the UK issued a heat map of the country and it… uh… looks like this.

They also warned of thunderstorms that would accompany this ungodly ~heat~, with “intense downpours” to follow.

Downpours that look like this.

Regardless, the UK is not coping with it very well at all.

The season’s hottest day of the season has caused UK Labour MP Linda Riordan to table a proposed law that would require bosses to send staff home if their workplace exceeded 30 degrees, and 27 degrees if the work being completed was “strenuous,” which is some bold-faced bullshit given that urban legend about schools in Australia being closed if the temperature got over 35 or whatever.
And on Twitter, the reaction’s been even funnier.

Admit it. You’re cocky-as-hell looking at all this and reminiscing about the time it got so hot your roof melted and you slept on burning coals just to cool off.

The UK can barely cope with an above-average winter’s day. Meanwhile here we all are in the middle of January dealing with the literal surface of the sun all like:
Weather smugness. It’s our national birthright.
Source: Twitter.