‘Bachie’ Gal Isabelle Says The Tension Was So Fkn Real After Abbie & Matt Smooched

The Bachelor

The Bachelor‘s latest reject Isabelle has  p o u r e d  the tea on last night’s cocktail party, after Abbie returned from some quality time with Matt sans lipstick. Turns out, this particular drama was 300000% legit.

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A quickie, quickie recap: the girls voted to send either Sogand or Abbie on some one-on-one time with Matt. 14 people voted for Abbie, thinking it was a safe, strategic plan. Plus Abbie said she wasn’t going to kiss Matt if she copped the one-on-one time. But, this is The Bachelor… 

“We thought that maybe Matt wasn’t going to be interested in a flirty younger girl,” the pilates instructor told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “We thought he was going to go the other way and then Abbie came back with her rose and without her lipstick so that didn’t go to plan at all.”

“We didn’t believe her at first when she came back and was like ‘We kissed and we kissed again’,” Issy continued. “Like surely not, there’s a girl code at the cocktail parties so watching it back last night was pretty full on.”

Issy said – and I can’t express this enough – that the girls were SHOOKETH over the drama.

“I couldn’t even talk to Abbie afterwards because I didn’t want to say that I’m okay with this but I also didn’t want to be rude to her either.”

It’s a hard sticheroo, she added. ‘Cos on one hand, if you’re in a situation with a handsome bloke you’re absolutely vibing with and can see a potential future with, you would want to suck his face off.

“But you also want to be tactful and respectful of the other girls as well. It’s just such a fine line.”

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P.S. Issy actually got heaps of good pics with Matt during their Snow White photoshoot – 10 just didn’t show any of it.