I’ve got a lot of problems with this season of The Bachelor – far too many suitors, women disappearing for full episodes, Emma clearly gunning to show up to a date in a full bridal gown with her own string quarter, Nichole being murderously fury because Another Human exists, last night’s episode going into an ad break with Abbie clearly saying “I’m going to give Matt a happy ending” but then when it came out of the break it was suddenly a “fantasy ending” like why would you make me sit through several boring TV commercials on the promise of Matt getting a primetime wristie if you knew his dong was ALWAYS going to go untugged you idiots?? – but by far the biggest problem I have came when the credits rolled on last night’s episode.

Namely, the fact that Channel 10 spent the better part of a full week promoting the grand “Walkout,” only to not show it at all.

All throughout the week, during all broadcasts of Australian Survivor, Channel 10 teased viewers with a graphic in the bottom-right corner of the screen promising “The Bachelor Walkout is coming.”

The ads teased it: Matt was going to lose his shit over *something* and walk out of the Bachelor Mansion.

All the Bachelor social channels got behind it too. The Walkout? It was coming. It was going to happen. And it all indications pointed towards it happening this week.

Honestly, you look at that and there’s no doubt in your mind: The Walkout? It’s happening this week. The Walkout is happening, and it’s happening imminently.

The teasing went further, promising the – in retrospect- suspiciously vague “starts this week” timeframe.

And then they just… didn’t show it at all.

Two full episodes. No walkout. Nothing. No Matt dummy spit, just ordinary Bachelor fare. Were the seeds sewn for a walkout at *some point* down the line? Sure, fine, I’ll give them that. But WHAT PART OF ANY OF THOSE TEASERS SUGGESTS “IT’S NOT HAPPENING THIS WEEK.”

Social media also lit up at the absolute indignity of this utter bullshit, with punters fuming – FUMING – about 10’s ridiculous ruse.

Great stuff. Love it. Huge fan of all of this.

So now we all have to wait a full week before Channel 10 **maybe** airs the great Matt Walkout next Wednesday. Or, alternatively, they don’t, and they continue teasing us with it until we’re all dead. Either way, they bloody win.

Well played, assholes.