‘Bachie’ Star Sogand Mohtat Spits Hot Fire At Rival Abbie Chatfield In Spicy New Interview

Abbie Chatfield left The Bachelor viewers divided after outing rival Monique Morley’s alleged “dog c*nt” rant to Matt Agnew and apparently it has caused some contention in Bachie mansion.

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Speaking to Sunday Confidential, Persian qween Sogand Mohtat criticised Chatfield’s behaviour, saying that she is a “manipulator”.

“I couldn’t hold back after seeing how Abbie was one way in front of us girls when the cameras were rolling, then another way to Matt,” she told the publication, adding that she reckons Abbie is “putting on an act.”

“She is a manipulator and it is time I tell her how it is.”

The civil engineer says she wouldn’t normally associate with “people like Abbie” and can not believe how she can be “so malicious and cause all this drama.”

Sogand also said Abbie is “too immature” to date Matt.

“I think she is very young and I don’t think she understands that some of us are older and can see through the bullshit,” she said.

“She is too immature and what she wants out of her life and where she sees herself is definitely not where Matt sees himself.”

In the preview for the next ep, Sogand confronts Abbie and based on how she spoke about the Gemini in this interview, I’m betting the confrontation does not go down well.