Bachie Frontrunner Bella Confirmed Her Grandpa Passed Away Weeks After *That* Psychic Reading

bachie bella grandpa died

In a truly heartbreaking turn of events, Bachie frontrunner Bella Varelis has confirmed that her grandfather actually did end up passing away during COVID after a psychic falsely told her he had died in this week’s episode.

If you missed Wednesday’s episode, a psychic came to the mansion as part of this week’s group date and straight up told Bella that her grandfather (who had already been diagnosed with cancer) was dead. It was a heartbreaking moment and thankfully, it ended up being a false call. But unfortunately, he passed a few weeks later, thankfully while Bella was home with her family.

Bella took to Instagram to share the sad news alongside a photo of Bachie Locky Gilbert comforting her.

“Unfortunately, my grandfather did end up passing away a couple weeks later and due to the covid lockdown, I thankfully got to be home with my family and know he will always be looking over me,” she shared.

Thankfully, she also added that Locky came to support her when she needed it most. Whether you love or hate him, at least you can rest assured that sweet angel Bella had the support she felt she needed.

“This moment was such an emotional whirlwind for me and I wasn’t expecting Locky to come and find me, but having him there was exactly the support I needed.”

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