It’s photoshoot day! It’s photoshoot day! It’s photoshoot day! Yep, it’s everyone’s favourite chaos day: The Bachelorette photoshoot.

Ignore for a mere second that the whole thing is run by news corp, and relish in the awkwardness of putting grown-men in tiny little shorts and devil horns. However, let’s not forget our Bachelorette photoshoot forefathers: Timm the lobster and Warwick the chicken.

Also turns out the house where the photoshoot date was filmed, is the same location as Pavlova’s clues for The Masked Singer. The crossover episode we didn’t know we needed, but the crossover we deserve.

Of course, Konrad (love seat guy) and Jess (love seat stealer) get put on the same date, and you can just tell The Bachelorette editors are going milk that ‘plot line’ dry.

On the bright side, Konrad has HOT … nails. Yeah, you thought I was going to say something else but I didn’t. Anyway, I’m going to show this pic to my nail tech next week, now that Melb is coming out of locky d.

The date was also extremely memeable, and Konrad seems to be The Bachelorette’s only form of comic relief thus far (and Beau too).

Finally, Brooke and Holly have a beautifully intimate moment, cuddling with low-budget ‘fireworks’ going off in the background. Why are women soooo cute???

Later at the Bachelorette dinner party there’s drama between Persian prince Darvid and Emily because he rudely wanted time with Brooke. I mean, how dare he want time with someone who he’s gone on national television to literally spend time with?????

We may not have had a lobster or a chicken like Angie’s season. But at least we got Matt in a pumpkin costume.

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