A Bachie Insider Has Explained How The Hell The Show Managed To Keep Filming In Lockdown

Bachelor Australia

An unnamed Bachelor Australia crew member has spilled on how the show managed to keep filming during lockdown, and the lengths that production went to in order to capture the contestants at home.

As the show rolls on, many fans have started to wonder just how many crew members are buzzing around behind the scenes to film the remaining bachelorettes in isolation.

Popular meme account Bachie Funny pointed out that it’s all well and good to send the girls home with laptops, but sending whole camera crews after them could still put everyone’s safety at risk.

A Bachelor insider saw the post and contacted Bachie Funny to explain how it actually works, and it turns out that each contestant was assigned a single person to produce and film them in iso.

The source explained:

When I got the call up to be part of the first TV franchise to return to filming during lockdown, I had no idea what we were in for. As a Shooter Prodcer, we’re used to being the one-person band – producer, director, camera, audio, lighting, art.

They continued:

But, this was all brand new to the industry at the time. With epic creative, production and tech teams, we managed to pull off a synced 24 camera shoot, in 12 separate locations, while meeting social distancing and PPE rules. 

So there you have it, and it sounds like quite an undertaking to get to that final rose.

The Bachelor: Love In Lockdown continues Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm.