A Bachie Gal Was Dropped Into The Mansion Via Crane, So Hopefully Jimmy Remembers Her Name

Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson

We’ve seen some iconic entrances over the last eight years of the Bachie franchise in Australia. We’ve seen Lee Elliott turn up with a donkey for Georgia Love (and now they’re MARRIED) or Abbie Chatfield arrive to talk to astro-Bachie Dr. Matt Agnew about being a Gemini.

But this season, led by new pilot Bachie Jimmy Nicholson, may feature the most OTT arrival we’ve ever seen. No, it’s not another person arriving with their puppy or a ‘thoughtful’ gift.

It’s a blonde woman dressed in white being lifted by a crane into the grounds of the Bachie mansion to meet Jimmy. She’s trapped in a cage, adorned by flowers (beautiful work from the set decoration team). See the pics, taken when filming kicked off last week, over at The Wash.

The gates were covered in green fabric to shut curious shooters out, so that’s all the pics The Wash managed to get. But y’know, a woman arriving over the top of the gates is hard to miss.

The new Bachie mansion for season nine is a $6.3 million European manor-style estate in Dural, 36 kilometres northwest of the CBD.

Last week, The Wash also papped another person they believe to be a Bachie contestant getting all trussed up in Sydney’s Double Bay. The brunette was spotted surrounded by a reality TV film crew at hair salon Joh Bailey Double Bay. The Wash reckon her name’s Sierra and she’s from South London.

Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson and his dog

Image source: Instagram / Jimmy Nicholson

They’ve got even more tea on Jimmy, including that he once dated 2020 Bachie runner-up Bella Varelis.

She told The Wash: “We were chatting and went on a couple dates towards the end of last year, we got set up by a friend. He’s a really lovely human, definitely deserves to find love!””

Jimmy Nicholson is only the second person of colour to lead a Bachie series in Australia, after season two’s Blake Garvey. The 31-year-old of Kiwi and Fijian heritage is a former model who told The Daily Telegraph last week that he’s “ready to open up [his] heart and meet someone”. Love that for him.

“I hope to meet someone with similar values that I can have fun with and that shares the same zest for life as myself. The Bachelor franchise has produced many success stories and I hope to be the next.” he added.

Tbh I hope he finds love with one of these women, maybe even the one in the cage. Or me, if that doesn’t work out.