Spicy Podcast Explains How TF The Bachelor Managed To Shoot All Those Cooked Lockdown Episodes

The Bachelor has officially switched to its COVID-friendly ~Love In Lockdown~ format and since it’s obvs the first time this has happened in the history of the planet (unless there was an old school version of Bachie during the Spanish Flu?), punters are understandably curious about how the fuck it’s gonna work.

Lucky for us Bachie stans, our fave drama-loving podcast, So Dramatic!, answered a bunch of fan questions about the new format in its latest ep.

First up, podcast host Megan Pustetto revealed via her on-set sources that the series resumed around two weeks after lockdown kicked in and it ended up being two to three weeks of filming in total.

‘Cos you could only have one person in your pad at the time, each gal had a personal cameraman who came into their home and filmed, and that’s it. Which means they did their own hair and makeup, if case you wanted to know.

Oh, and if you were wondering if Roxi’s unfortunate book collection was actually hers or a set-up in an Airbnb / staged set, you’ll be happy to know it’s their actual houses. Yep.

For all those accusing the show of breaching COVID restrictions, calm your farm, ploise, ‘cos apparently no laws were broken as they followed proper protocols, including social distancing, regular COVID tests and sterilisation.

As for the roses, they don’t just magically materialise, each girl has a rose couriered to them (lol) and placed at arm’s reach in the hopes that they’ll be asked to pick it up. So this means that whoever gets dumped still has a rose next to them, but at least they still get to walk away from the sitch with a flower (unless it’s yanked away by the cameraman, who the fuck knows).

Locky on a particularly cooked bath date. (Credit: Ten)

She went on to reveal that while the gals were out in the wild (so-to-speak), they were given a filming schedule to stick by, but outside of that sched, they were allowed to do whatever they wanted, i.e. return to work, which Irena Srbinovska opted to do.

It also meant that unlike at cocktail parties, where they have to share Locky, during lockdown, they were given permission to contact the bloke as much (or as little) as they damn well pleased. And no, their personal DMs weren’t supervised by producers or cameramen but fuck me, I wish they were aired.

Then when they returned to the mansion, they had to quarantine in a hotel for a week or two (depending on where they’d flown in from), where they were given access to Apple TV and an unlimited mini bar. Fucken’ score!

Have a listen to the podcast here for more Bachie (and other reality show) tea.

The Bachelor continues this Wednesday at 7:30.