Watch The Exact Moment Osher Told The Bachie Women COVID Had Fucked The Outside World

News that Australia was heading into lockdown hit us months ago, but in the world of The Bachelor, that news finally aired tonight.

The episode kicked off with Osher Günsberg telling the girls just how bad things had gotten while they were in the mansion, and tbh, it was just as informative but way more entertaining that most of the public health announcements we’ve had this year.

“You may remember before you came into the mansion that there was growing concern about the new coronavrius that was beginning to spread around the world,” he told them.

“A lot’s changed since you’ve been here at the mansion, and the World Health Organisation has now declared a global pandemic.

“The government is taking steps to curb the spread of the virus and to help save lives.”

The girls were absolutely shook, as we all were back in March.

Luckily for them, they got to wait out a decent chunk of lockdown in what we can only assume is some kind of cushy accommodation. It’s not like they were able to see friends and family while they were on the show, anyway.

And now there’s the rest of us, watching on from the future with the knowledge that not much has actually changed after all these months.

How foolish they we all were. Not even that fkn psychic saw it coming.

How’s that for some ~drama~ to spice up the season?