Remember When ‘Bachie’ Star Leah Dated Drew From ‘Big Brother’ & Dropped Wild Break-Up Tea?

It’s rare that reality TV crossovers occur, but good lord it’s spicy when they do. There’s something about seeing stars from two of your fave shows find love together – like that time in 2018 when Leah Costa from The Bachelor revealed that she had been dating Drew from Big Brother, then dropped wild break up tea.

It all started when Leah posted a pic, since deleted, of her wearing what looked like an engagement ring. She also went on The Project – this was all post Bachelor In Paradise, so naturally she was very much in the media  – wearing the ring. Eden, her co-star on the show, even held it up to the cameras.

Next minute, she’s posting this to IG:

Credit: Instagram / @leahpcosta

The wild part was she TAGGED DREW in the post. Hoo boy.

She also took to Insta Stories with a tearful and honestly, quite moving explanation of what went down.

“Basically, he only dated me because I had a media image, and he wanted to get his face back out there. And then when it turned negative, he didn’t want to be involved with it anymore,” she said.“To call it casual is probably the nastiest thing anyone’s ever said. He hid the fact he cheated on me as well, and then to turn around and make out that it was nothing… thanks mate.”

It’s brutal, and also an experience most of us dating in 2020 can relate deeply to. Hands up if you’ve been in a “it’s just casual but also like heaps serious relationship”. Not saying that’s what their situation was, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Drew subsequently spoke to the Daily Mail , saying this:

‘We were casually seeing each other and I made it unequivocally clear that I wanted to stay out of the media.’

He also added this spicy enchilada.

‘This must’ve translated to: “pretend I’m engaged and give the public a life lesson about the media,” because the engagement ring/appearance on The Project fiasco happened.’

OOOOOFT. Leah was not going to take THAT call lying down – she posted a bunch of screenshots to Insta Stories.

Hectic to reveal your cutesy talk to the entire world, I would personally die but here we are. Inside out sheep. Lol.

In the end, Leah Costa moved on with this guy, it seems:

And he’s with this girl now, at least at the time we’re writing:

But wow, what cross-over reality drama that was, huh?