A ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Are Rumoured To Have Already Split Up

A couple from season two of Bachelor in Paradise who were caught pashing in Melbourne just days after filming in Fiji ended have already broken up, and it was not an amicable split.

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This is your opportunity to close the window because you don’t want the whole season wrecked for you. After this point I’m not holding back.

Okay, good, hopeless gossips, welcome back, it’s nice to see you again.

Bill Goldsmith and Alex Nation are the pair who were photographed furiously macking on in Melbourne in December. You remember them: Goldsmith, he of that racist Facebook post, came fourth on Ali Oetjen‘s Bachelorette last year after introducing her to a former fuckbuddy during hometowns.

And Nation took out Richie Strahan‘s chocolated-dipped Bachelor season, only for the pair to split up in mid-2017. She was reportedly engaged to her gf Maegan Luxa by the end of 2017 but they broke up in early 2018. And yeah, it seemed spicy when it was rumoured both Strahan and Nation would be heading to Fiji (they were each pictured on set, it’s true).

But rest-assured, Goldsmith and Nation’s island love was short-lived, and they’re both pissed off about it. And what better way to act out the role of person scorned than to spread the deets to the media?

Alright, Who‘s ~source~, who is definitely not either of these people, spill the tea please:

Things have turned nasty and Alex is certainly keen to tell her side of the story, but she is still under a gag order for the show so she can’t say a word. And Bill doesn’t want to get all the blame here so he is ready to defend himself.

[Nation] is devastated. After it didn’t work out with Richie, she got engaged to Maegan and then they broke up and now this. It’s like she is cursed and it’s all been so public too.

The insider reckons the pair were wrapped up in a love triangle each, but seemed to gravitate to each other throughout the season, despite the affections of other Bachie lost souls. “They were involved in two separate love triangles because they both had other admirers. But they made a pact early on to stick together and while they did go on dates with others they always ended up together.

The source ultimately concludes that this stings for ’em both mostly because they definitely were not supposed to be spotted out in the real world together before the show – and their declaration of love – aired.

They were not even supposed to be seeing each other because it spoils the show for fans. They got into a lot of trouble and after all that it hasn’t even worked out anyway.


Nation has cropped up on Insta not to dispute the quotes from the source, but to contest that she is not “unlucky-in-love“.

Not once have I ever looked at myself as being ‘unlucky in love’. If anything, i’ve been so fortunate to love at all. Period. ,” she wrote.

Image source: Instagram / @alexandranation. 

A good response, but not one that dispels any rumours and innuendo about her relationship status. If anything the past tense confirms that they’ve called the whole thing off. Bummer. Still, it’s a positive attitude to have, good one.

We’re expecting to see how the TV part of their relationship pans out when Bachelor in Paradise airs – probably around March, if last year’s season is anything to go off. See ya then, mates.