Ali Oetjen’s ‘Bachie’ BF Taite Says She’ll Only Take Fancy-Ass 5-Star Holidays

Ali Oetjen‘s Bachie fella – the dude she chose out of a pool of 18 ripped blokes – Taite Radley has taken to Instagram to ask a seemingly innocuous question: “Where else can I take this one on holiday“?

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Except in doing so he’s exposed Oetjen as a fancy gal who only goes on fancy vacations.

Oetjen tried to respond sweetly: “As long as I’m with you beautiful man I’ll always be happy!

But Radley took her to task, writing “you said to me if it’s not 5 star you’re not coming “. But she quickly tried to dismiss his comment, instead referring to herself as a “girl that loves camping under the stars“.

Image source: Instagram / @taiteadamradley.

Too good for a rusty caravan or a perfectly reasonably priced three-star hotel above a McDonald’s, huh!!!

If Radley’s OG comment is to be believed, then it sounds like Oetjen is wringing out all the juice from her time in the Bachie spotlight.

By virtue of turning up on three Bachelor platforms – like Richie Strahan will have done after her when he turns up on Bachelor in Paradise – she is thus entitled to the finest of things, even though she is but a radio account manager/person who rants about healthy lifestyles. And bae can presumably afford it too: being a personal trainer and bank manager. Yep.

She wants free five-star shit, and tbh, all the power to her, take what you can get while you can get it, free stuff rules. We’re all just jealous we can’t break hearts on TV and land a free business class trip to literally anywhere. I’d take one to Canberra if it was free.

When asked by fans how tf they can afford it he says they work and save to fly away, which, sure, is possible, they did get paid to go on reality TV, but why all the big-upping of every luxury hotel they stay in? And how does anyone save money when they’ve gotta be buying organic food for their healthy lifestyle? That stuff’s spenno.

Meanwhile in his Instagram Stories yesterday, Radley fielded questions about Oetjen, where he called her his “best friend“, and tried to dispel rumours that he is not in love with her. Because the forum to admit that you’re faking a romance for free shit is Instagram Stories. They disappear in a day, who even cares!

Image source: Instagram / @taiteadamradley.

Image source: Instagram / @taiteadamradley.

Image source: Instagram / @taiteadamradley.

There you have it: Radley and Oetjen say they’re still in love, so they probably are, and they want to go on fancy vacations, like everyone else.