The Bachie’s Georgia & Lee Spent NYE In Hospital After A Sparkler Incident

Georgia Love

You could say that Georgia Love and Lee Elliot share a burning love. You could say that they’re too hot to handle. You could say … I dunno, I’m all out of these, but the point of all this is that everyone’s favourite Bachelorette couple spent New Year’s Eve in the Alfred Hospital, after what seems like a mildly hectic incident involving some sparklers.

“Happy New Year from emergency!” said Love on Instagram overnight, along with a photo of Elliot in bed with his hand bandaged up, looking a little sheepish. “Don’t hold a bunch of sparklers and light them all at once, kids!” she added, adding a hashtag saying “his hand got lit”.

Elliot, whose hand is clearly still working well enough to use his phone, posted his own photo earlier today, showing him and Georgia Love in the same outfits, saying that it was “just before our night (and my hand) got really lit.”

It has been a big few days for Bachelor news, with reports yesterday that Bachie In Paradise exes Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate have possibly maybe gotten back together. Keira shared a picture of herself pashing off with Jarrod next to a waterfall, and then later, posted another photo of the two of them ringing in the new year together.