Bill Really Had No Idea Just How Much He Cooked His ‘Bachie’ Hometown Visit

Bill Goldsmith, to the very end, had no fkn clue that Ali Oetjen had such a shitty time on their Hometown date last week.

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Speaking to 10daily after his TV dumping on last night’s ep, Goldsmith said: “I had a great time on my Hometown! It was really nice, I was able to show [Ali] around Melbourne and take her to the dog park I go to every day.

He even pushed that he and his mate Amy, the one whose grilling got Oetjen’s hackles up, and had her suspicious of their past relationship, truly are just mates. “We’re still very good friends. That’s how it’s been for ages, that’s how it’ll continue… Good friends, that’s it.

He kept his story straight talking to TV Week too, saying that after their fling ended the pair decided to privilege their friendship above all else. “[Amy and I] were just really good friends in the end so we chose our friendship over anything else. If it had been something more I wouldn’t have ever invited her to dinner.

And he confirmed that there was nothing conspicuous about his family’s absence: “Mum and Dad had booked a holiday back to America and it was bad timing in that regard. I didn’t realise it was such a big deal to Ali that Amy was there.”

To the tabloid he spoke frankly about how he really didn’t expect to be sent home. Like really, he didn’t know Oetjen was so rattled by what some saw as an inconsiderate choice to introduce her to a former flame.

It was a bit of a surprise but then again I don’t know what the relationships are like with the other two guys. I didn’t know what was going on with them, and I was just focusing on our relationship. It was definitely a bit of a shock. It’s never easy to be rejected, but that’s part of it. It doesn’t always go your way, but it definitely hurt.

Goldsmith really pressed to 10daily that he wanted to make it through to the final two, and that he thought Hometowns demonstrated just how well Oetjen got along with the people he cares about.

I could see Ali fitting into my life really easy and developing feelings deeper, but you don’t really know how the other person’s feeling. At the end of the day it’s her choice, but I was hoping to get a rose, I wanted to get one.

He can pinpoint one thing though – if not Amy – that he noticed got in the way of his relationship with Oetjen: his beef with Charlie Newling. While Newling called it all manufactured, something the boys played for airtime, Goldsmith saw Newling as having a problem with him for “no apparent reason“. But it had a real impact on he and Ali.

I feel like the whole time that happened, it stopped me progressing our relationship. Because he had it in for me it sort of railroaded my chances of falling in love with Ali quicker.

Despite Daily Mail literally catching him on the set of Bachelor in Paradise, he was non-committal to the site about whether he’d be up for another round of reality TV dating: “I’d have to see where my life’s at and what’s going on. I can’t say for sure really.