Have Ayo Edebiri And Paul Mescal Been Cast In A Romance Film Together?


Fans have been frothing at the mouth at the possibility of Ayo Edebiri and Paul Mescal starring in a romance film together since the Normal People star first floated it in an interview. Now, with a nod from a popular author whose romance books are being adapted into films, the rumours have gone haywire.

Edebiri and Mescal, both 28, sent fans into a frenzy last week when they posted a St Patrick’s Day selfie together (the “Ayo Edebiri is Irish” gag lives on) that practically screamed rom-com couple.

Things heated up even further after romance novelist Emily Henry shared the picture — some wondered if this was a confirmation of the on-screen couple.

Henry has three books that are being adapted into upcoming films: People We Meet On Vacation, Beach Read and Book Lovers. The latter of those is being developed by the same company that produced Mescal’s Aftersun, so you can imagine the excitement.

The author spoke to Variety about the rumours, and revealed that she would be super on board for the two to star in one of her films.

“I think that they would be amazing. I actually saw them being discussed [online] for several different roles — and I definitely have a favourite,” Henry said.

“They’re great, they could do anything.”

This honestly looks like a still from a rom-com. Image: Getty.

While Henry said she wasn’t allowed to “confirm or deny anything about the casting” for her movies, she said Edebiri and Mescal are two of her “favourite Irish actors”.

Paul Mescal’s interview that started it all

In case you missed the interview that first launched these two into the limelight, it all began when our favourite sad boi Paul Mescal told Awards Watch that one his acting goal was starring in a romantic comedy with Ayo Edebiri.

“Comedy scares me deeply because I think I saw Bottoms recently and I was in awe of how they do that,” he said last November.

“That’s one of those I leave the cinema and I’m incredibly jealous and brightened of everybody’s talents involved with that film.

“But I think in the next five years I’m going to set myself a challenge to do maybe like a rom-com with Ayo [Edebiri] or something like that would be cool.”

Okay, see, now I’m swooning. Imagine these two starring in an opposites-attract, grumpy/sunshine rom-com. Perfection!

Ayo Edebiri said she’s down to team up with Paul Mescal

The following month, Awards Watch asked Edebiri about Paul Mescal’s comments, and she said yes, a thousand times yes!

“Paul and I have spoken about [his comment] since because I told Paul he is very chaotic,” she said.

“Honestly he’s one of my favorite actors to watch, period. I actually said, so, is someone writing a script for us now, or what? So that’s my answer, if somebody writes us a good script. I think he’s so brilliant, and I honestly would also really enjoy seeing him try his hand at comedy.”

Edebiri even prepared the general vibe of the rom-com, saying that it needed to have an “About Time vibe” so Mescal can “still flex his drama muscles” while being “inventive” with his comedy.

Honestly, she already has a plan, put her in a writers room and get this party started!

I need a wholesome, unconventional yet earnest romcom a lá About Time or even One Day *right now*.