Fk No: Aussie Roomates Have Gone Viral Trying To Remove A ‘Yuge Huntsman From Their House

Ever seen a huntsman so big in your sharehouse you thought maybe it should start chipping in for rent? And have you ever tried to ~safely ~ remove one of those big fuck off spiders from said sharehouse with varying degrees of success?

If you answered yes to either of those questions prepare to feast your eyes on the horrifying attempt from a couple of Aussie roommates to evict a ‘yuge huntsman from their house.

TikToker Chloe Baradinsky (@chloebaradinsky) posted a vid to her social media depicting a pretty fkn big huntsman who had decided to take up residence in their Sydney home.

Now, if you haven’t had the pleasure of coming face-to-face with a huntsman the only thing you really need to know is they are massive and can have a leg span of up to 23 cm (!!) so it’s not a creepy crawly that everyone is happy to have as a roomie.

Generally speaking they aren’t considered dangerous, at least not to humans — in fact if you’ve ever tried to catch one you might’ve found it ran away from you rather than getting on the offensive.

In the clip, which has now been viewed over three million times, you can see Barandinsky approach the spider armed with nothing but a glass bowl and a plastic binder.

“I don’t think I’m going to die from it,” she said.

“Is anyone better at this, are you good at spiders?”

I have no idea what occurred for this poor girl to draw the short straw but she’s a better woman than me who would’ve absolutely retreated to a different room and called my dad for help instead.

Alas, she gathered her strength and attempted to trap the spider under the glass bowl but missed and the spider escaped, dropping off the wall into the wardrobe.

Now if that was me, I would move out, or at the very least buy a bug bomb so I could sleep peacefully (I’m sorry!! I am who I am), but luckily for the spider and for Barandinsky she didn’t share my same sentiment.

“Guys FYI we couldn’t find the spider after this so we just had to learn to coexist,” she explained in a comment.

The comments however, did share my views on the situation.

“That’s the most massive spider I have ever seen,” one user commented.

“Think I would just move out,” said another.

“I would genuinely call the police,” a third said — and honestly, same.

But the spider saga for the girls house didn’t end there, whilst on the hunt for an update re: happy spider #1, I found a video of a second huntsman spider who had made their house a home.

Now, I’m not some sort of spider expert so maybe it’s the same one but it does look substantially smaller.

This time two girls try to tackle the task of removing the spider taking to it with two brooms to try to remove it from the wall I guess?

I’m sure you can see where this one is going.

“Should we just leave it? I don’t want to make it angry,” someone in the background asks.

“Get rid of it,” the person behind the camera responds back.

They do end up getting the spider off the wall — and straight onto the couch below before panicking and running off (valid).

I’m assuming they didn’t end up finding spider #2 either so guess the girls house just got a couple of new roomies!

I’m not a spider girl, and luckily I haven’t had too many run-ins with spiders in my adult life when I would have to deal with them solo.

I commend these girls on their bravery though, I’m wishing them a spider-free home in the future.