A Woman Has Shared The Catcall Response That Sent The Dickhead Bloke’s Mates Into Hysterics

A TikToker has come out ~swinging~ in the war against blokes yelling cooked shit at women on the street, better known as catcalling.

A woman on TikTok has come out ~swinging~ in the war against blokes yelling cooked shit at women on the street (better known as catcalling). Daphne Berry‘s clap-back to the unwanted attention has since gone gangbusters, racking up 2.7 million views in a single day.

“This man just catcalled me out the front of a construction site,” Berry began.

“So I yelled back at him, “sorry! I Don’t have any change”.

“And the way that all the men on the construction site started laughing at him and pointing at him and made him feel so shit.

“It’s that simple.”

The verbal uno-reverse has led to a cavalcade of commenters pitching their own ways to return fire and expressing their gratitude for the vid popping up on their For You Page.

“”Sorry I can’t bring home any more stray dogs!” is one of my favourites”, offered one person.

“I’d do this but I’m not ready to die”, penned another.

“The dopamine hit this gave me,” chimed in a third.

“Gonna say this to the next person handing out flyers at the train station,” added a fourth.

Interestingly, there’s a storied history of this particular response dating back at least a year on TikTok.

Berry’s video, however, was one of the first to go batshit viral, and likely the first from Australia.

There’s this effort below which was uploaded earlier in the year and is currently sitting at 13.9 million plays. The creator credits fellow creator Kyle Prue as the originator of the clap-back.

There’s also this one from 2022 which racked up 1.7 million views.

And this one from September which reached over 100,000.

Regardless, it’s all in the delivery.

At the very least, ol’ mate from the construction site might think twice before catcalling.