British Bloke Finds Friendly Huntsman In His House, Promptly Calls RSPCA

You and I might know that a huntsman in the home is a thing to be celebrated (or at least, a thing to remain wilfully ignorant about, considering they’re more robust than your average tank and can accelerate from 0 to Pants-Ruining in the blink of an eye). 
But our cousins in the motherland, sweet, innocent babes that they are – they haven’t the foggiest on how to deal with an unexpected arachno-guest. Bless ’em. 
I’m still happy to call this particular Brits response something of an overreaction, though. After discovering a largish huntsman on the wall of his Kent home, he didn’t grab a Tupperware container and a magazine; instead he called in the RSPCA. 
Louis Horton, the animal collector who showed up to assess the situation, apparently thought it was well worth his time:

“I honestly expected to get there and find a big house spider or a toy spider or something silly but it was a huntsman.

“It wasn’t a giant huntsman but was big enough, it was about the size of the palm of my hand so it wasn’t the usual spider you’d expect to find in your house. It was clinging to the outside wall of the man’s house and he said it had barely moved since he first spotted it.

“I removed it, confined it in a box and took it to experts and Heathrow’s Animal Reception Centre to be quarantined.”
Huntsman spiders aren’t venomous (to humans, anyway), but they’re also not supposed to be in the UK at all, and their behaviour can be… confronting. 
that is a mouse
Still, calling in the animal cops to deal with a li’l old spidey? Come on, cobb. If you’d kept it quiet, you could have had the best exotic pet on the block. 
So cute!!!!
Source: Ten News.
Image: Louise Docker / Getty.