Armie Hammer’s Alleged Finsta Has Been Tracked Down ‘Cos This Binfire Just Keeps On Burning

armie hammer alleged finsta

The Armie Hammer thread just keeps unravelling as the actor’s alleged finsta account has been tracked down and exposed by the tabloids, and it’s apparently filled with even more alarming stuff. Good lord, this runaway train of burning trash just keeps on going, doesn’t it?

The Daily Mail – who usually isn’t the best source for anything – published screenshots from Armie’s alleged private Instagram, which appears to show the 34-year-old’s court orders to complete random drug tests, and gloating about the hallucinogenic drug DMT not being identified in said tests before taking a massive drag from a vape.

Hoo boy buddy, this does not look good.

Other screenshots published show Armie actually taking the at-home drug test, claiming that he had “THC and benzos” in his system, which were apparently not picked up by the test either.

At the time of writing, Armie’s alleged account only has 14 followers (though many fans have sent through follow requests) which means that someone in the inner circle of followers spilt the beans to the gossip rag.

One person on Twitter claims to be part of the select 14 that follow the account and said that he’s “talking so crazy” on his stories, topping up our teacups with more piping hot intel from the alleged finsta.

The alleged finsta account also has a recent post of a woman in lingerie on a bed, referred to as ‘Ms Cayman’, who he has allegedly been sleeping with when he visits the Cayman Islands to see his two young children and his ex-wife.

This supposed secret finsta of Armie Hammer is the latest piece of the truly unhinged puzzle, which has also seen allegations of wanting to physically harm women during sex and graphic DMs, cannibalism claims, concerning resurfaced old tweets, bailing from his upcoming film role, and a deep dive into the kind of content he follows online.

Honestly, I think this tweet sums the whole chaos up pretty well.

Big yikes, mates. Big yikes.